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Class dates TBD.


This cumulative 8-week session is full of more advanced intermediate moves. Day and time are TBD based on availability and interest of students.


If you are a core intermediate student interested in advancing to this level, please let an instructor know! 


This course will require students to have mastered all beginner rueda moves and be able to perform both A and B core intermediate moves with little difficulty.


The total cost of an 8-week session is $50. As with our lower level courses, we allow you to try out the first two classes a la carte. Payment works as follows:

WEEK 1: Just $5!

WEEK 2: Just $5!

WEEK 3: $40 dues are required to pay the room fees and reserve your spot for the remainder of the 8-week session.

**If you want extra practice, you may also attend other classes below your skill level with no additional cost!**


Please note that at this time, WE ONLY ACCEPT CASH PAYMENTS. We also do not offer prorates or refunds. Thank you for understanding!

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